A small room or a city block, if it needs to go, FERRO is there.

Armed with the latest tools and technologies, our team safely and efficiently executes dangerous or conventional demolition projects

Interior Demolition

FERRO Canada routinely conducts traditional interior strip-outs and full structural demolition projects, carefully and meticulously dismantling spaces in both occupied and vacant properties. Our stringent controls with regard to dust, noise and vibration helps minimize disruption during the demolition process.

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Building Demolition

Armed with the latest tools and technologies, including articulated haulers, cranes, dozers, excavators and loaders, the FERRO team is able to safely and efficiently execute even the largest demolition projects, from plant dismantling to mine and plant closures. When our demolition services are combined with full-site remediation and preparation services, you won’t even know our team (or your structure) was even there.

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