No matter the hazard, FERRO is there

The removal of hazardous materials has never required more expertise than it does today. Fortunately, abatement isn’t a service that we “also do”. It’s what we do

Lead Abatement

Many older buildings feature lead-containing materials, including settled dust particules found in ducts and rafters. Removing or disturbing these materials as part of a renovation project could result in serious health risks. As experts in lead abatement, the FERRO team can swiftly and safely resolve lead abatement issues.

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PCB Removal

The FERRO team are experts at safely handling and disposing of PCB containing materials generated from dielectric and heat transfer fluids; hydraulic and lubrication oils; condensers, transformers and capacitors in electrical systems; plasticizers in paints and sealants; putties, waterproof wall coverings and printing inks. Our experience assures our clients that their registered PCB containing materials are handled in strict accordance with environmental regulations.

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Infection Control

At FERRO Canada, we go to great lengths to protect properties and their occupants from the risk of infection. We’ve worked with hospitals, long-term care facilities, blood clinics and throughout southern Ontario to mitigate construction-related dust and contaminants.

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Trauma Cleanup

Our services include the decontamination of dwellings of biological remains, including the removal of any affected building structure material or content item and ensure that they are disposed of in compliance with Provincial Waste Regulations.

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