Lead Abatement

With the risks associated with lead exposure so high, lead abatement must be swift and safe. Lead exposure can include anemia, damage of the brain and nervous system and learning disabilities, with particular dangers for children.

Lead in a facility is most typically associated with lead-based paints and building materials, but because lead gasoline was once so profilic, it often appears in old, settled dust found in ducts and rafters, resulting in “sick building syndrome”. The FERRO Canada team are experts in efficient and effective lead abatement in both commercial and residential facilities.

Both the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the Occupational Heath and Safety Act are clear that lead abatement must take place if there is risk to exposure of building occupants. If you discover lead in your home or business the best solution is to contact your FERRO Canada team for thorough lead abatement. Our lead removal equipment includes methods for detecting lead on paint and other surfaces.

When you suspect lead contamination in your facility, FERRO can be on-site and on-call 24/7 by calling our C.R.A.S.H. Team at 1-877-429-7760.